General Game & Forum Rules


Game Rules

• Multi boxing allowed.
• Disrespect of any member of staff is not allowed.
• We are not responsible in case that any items lost due to pking or scamming!
• Selling or Buying items with real money is not allowed, buyer/seller will be both banned.
• Third party programms are not allowed.
• Advertising other servers is not allowed and will result in an instant ban.
• Any swearing/disrespective/religion-related/racist/cuss words to anyone in a global chat will be punished with tons of chat ban.
• Insulting donators is disrespecting players who help us stay alive & stable is not allowed. Punish may be a permanent chat ban

Forum Rules

• Spamming all over the forum is not allowed. However, spamming in spam sections allowed.
• Disrespect/insult any user is not allowed.
• Advertising other server in any post/topic/board may cause a permanent ban.
• Speaking another language except English may cause a post-warning.
• Posting second topic after one that it is locked is not allowed.
• A topic may locked by an administrator any time for any reason (may be not mentioned).
• Talking about religions, goverments, politic subjects are not allowed in all sections.
• Talking about subjects (getting offtopic) that are not related with initial topic subject are not allowed.